The better gamemode framework

Batteries included

Everything you need to build your next Garry's Mod gamemode is already included and ready to use.

  • Helix
  • NutScript
  • Clockwork
Server performance at 70 slots

Rock-solid performance

Helix has been carefully optimized to crank out maximum performance, even with its rich feature set. It's been extensively battle-tested with high player counts, so you can be sure that the framework won't be the bottleneck in your gamemode.

Easy extensibility

Are you looking to share functionality between multiple gamemodes? Want to provide some features for the community to use? No problem, Helix's plugin system was designed with these things in mind.

While you're at it, check out our Plugin Center - the home to many Helix plugins that are all free, open source, and available for anyone to use and contribute to.

Fully open source

Helix is completely open-source and DRM free. No need to trust any opaque binary modules that phone home, or even execute code remotely. The framework has greatly benefited from the support and creativity of other talented developers who have made Helix work for them.

Friendly community

Stop on by and ask about the framework, or request help with an issue. Don't be shy!

The core developers maintain an active presence on the GitHub repository where issues and pull requests are handled on a frequent basis.

If you're looking for a quicker response from other helpful community members, or if you want to show off your latest creation, leave a message in our Discord server.

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